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Silky is a yelllow bear that appears in Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise. He lives in his own mansion, wants to become a movie star even if he's a former child star and seems to be very famous already. Unfortunately he has no talent, and Naughty Bear sees that the Unibear horn is strapped on. Curiosly enough, Silky has been in many movies like "Deep Bear" (A spoof of Deep Red) and apparently,Naughty enjoyed some of his movies but probably just found his bad acting funny.If you listen very closely silky can kind of speak and he says This is Naughty! And Yeah oh Yeah I  KNOW.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Silky appears to be very prideful and yet follows a somber lifestyle, which Naughty detests. He also appears to be a trickster and a liar, strapping a Unibear horn onto his head to appear as if it is real. He has a statue of himself outside of the mansion. Since this is called an object of pride, it would suggest Silky is very prideful of himself and thinks he is the best. He might be interested in the Unibear, which explains the fake horn. Despite this however, he is the only bear who does not make trouble for Naughty Bear (which may be since the narrator does not have naughty's best interest at heart) .


Bearmeinster MansionEdit

The Narrator notices that Silky has no talent and has a fake horn, and is upset. He wants Naughty to kill the prideful bear by impaling him on the horn of his own statue, which is considered his object of pride. Naughty Bear sneaks into the mansion, where Silky has thrown a party. Silky doesn't know that Naughty is after him and continues his party. By the time he realizes Naughty is at the mansion, it is too late. He is subdued, grabbed by the neck, and thrown into the air, where he lands on the statue's horn, killing him.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Silky is dressed like most rich people would dress like when they are at their mansion: wearing a robe. He wears a brown robe like always, not knowing of his eventual fate. He also wears the aforementioned fake horn. He looks a lot like Sunbeam in color. He is not equipped with a weapon but will reach for a gun in his house at the minimal sign of danger.
Silky poster

A rare info image of Silky.

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