Sir Rubert Funvale The Third
[[Sir Rubert|250px]]
Sir Rubert Funvale The Third

Fur Color:


Eye Color:


Notable features:

Black Suit and Trousers, Mustache, Sideburns, Eye Piece, Top hat, Slab Chiseler Necklace

 Sir Rubert Funvale The Third is the head of the Slab-Chiselers in Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise can be unlock by punishing Jacques le Tickler


Wears a Top hat, Black Suit & Trousers, Slab-Chiseler Necklace, an eye piece, mustache, and sideburns.


Can be found in DuGuard temple with Royal Guards and the other Slab-Chiseler members. He hangs out in the main building with other Slab-Chislers

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