The Slab-Chislers is a secret society to keep Naughty Bear out of thier lives. Their main Head Quarter seems to be DuGuard temple, a majestic castle sorrounded by a bush maze patrolled by knights led by Sir Dancealot. The whole society seems to be a parody of the Illuminati and might have their hands in really dark matters like Necromancy for have even a vampire bear at their services, even if not fully under their control...

Normal Bear is the main recruiter for this cult.

Faction size and members.Edit

Leader: Sir Rubert

Head recruiter: Normal

Other members: Jack le Tickler


The Slab-Chiselers appear mostly in DuGuard temple, but it's possible to see some of them even in the Hotel's main hall, patrolling around. They're not afraid to attack Naughty on sight but they tend to run away after a few blows if faced in the temple, while they're braver if fought at the hotel.

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