Squeaky The Zebra Bear


Squeaky is a bear found in the Seaside Greenhouse. Although he has no important role in the game, he stands out among the rest of the bears due to the fact that he is the only one with stripes. Squeaky's only appearance is in Pudding's level, and during videos where he seems to have adventures with normal. It is possible that he and Normal are roommates or close friends.

Because of Squeaky's easily scared personality, any contact with Naughty will trigger him to attempt escape at any time. If an escape is not available, he will try to call the police and grab a weapon at any chance he can get.

Squeaky Dying

Squeaky Injured


  • In the videos Normal and Squeaky appear in together, they seem to live together. They are also seen sleeping in a double bed together, implying that they may be roommates, close friends, or even related.
  • Squeaky has a unique look that stands out from the other bears.
  • You cannot steal Squeaky's stripes and use it as a costume.

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