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Stardust is a pale-teal bear. He appears in every episode, however in no episode is killing him a main objective. After the DLC episodes arrived, he got his own episode, Episode 10, where killing him (twice) is the main objective. He will rarely pick up objects and is normally the first one to call for help.

Episode 10Edit

Naughty Bear has gone to the disco without the other bears noticing and starts dancing to the music. However, he is interrupted by Stardust and another bear, Giggles, arriving, so Naughty escapes by window. Stardust and Giggles switch the music and a Unibear arrives to listen.

The Vampiricorn then appears and kills the Unibear, much to Naughty Bear's horror. As the Vampires feed on the Unibear, they become nearly all-powerful as they have tasted Uni-fluff. Stardust and Giggles then arrive and the Vampiricorn comes up to them while his horde eats. Just as Naughty is going to actually go out and save Stardust, he sees Stardust convincing the Vampiricorn to eat Naughty instead, revealing he had summoned the Vampires.

Stardust appears in the second last zone where Naughty must punish him and the Vampiricorn, who had been killed in the previous zones and yet came back to life each time. After Naughty kills the Vampiricorn and Stardust, Stardust comes back to life as one of the Ghouls, so Naughty must kill him and the Vampiricorn again.



  • In Episode 10, Stardust carries a Wizard hat. Also, when killing him for the first time in episode 10, he will get resurrected as a Ghoul (an other type of zombie) armed with a oozy. Also his ghoul version wears Wizard hat and looks different from other ghouls.
  • In Panic in Paradise he's revealed to be Sunbeam's brother and to have a rather vengeful personality, unlike his brother, Sunbeam's.
  • For some reason, the first thing he does in Episode 10 after he's resurrected as a Ghoul is use the bathroom, making it a perfect time to just punish him with the toilet.