A State of Being is a Bear's consciousness of the world, and how they react to things. The state of beings are in order below.

  • Normal: The Bear will walk around normally and will randomly use objects (e.g. use the toilet, play with the barbecue, shuffle through fridge).
  • Suspicious: If a Bear hears something being smashed, hears Naughty's BOO!, encounters a suspicious/scared/terrified Bear, finds a sabotaged object, sees a dead Bear, sees a trapped Bear (which they usually try to free from the trap), or sees Naughty while he runs away, they will become suspicious. A suspicious Bear will walk slowly while looking from side to side occasionally. They will usually try to fix sabotaged objects.
  • Scared: The same thing as a suspicious Bear, except a scared Bear walks a bit faster than a suspicious one. They will also less likely fix sabotaged objects.
  • Terrified: A terrified Bear will have their hands up to their chest. They will frantically look around while murmuring. They walk really fast and will rarely fix sabotaged objects.
  • Insanity: An insane Bear will have bubbles floating above their heads. They will never fix sabotaged objects, and they are always running. They will never use objects, and you can't gain anymore points from them. If Naughty walks up to the insane Bear and BOO!s them, they will commit suicide. Their suicide animation will depend on the weapon the Bear is holding.

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