The Hunters are a bunch of hunters hired by Doctor Docteur for hunt Naughty down while he's on Paradise Island.

Members of the groupEdit

There are four members of this small faction, each of them is dressed up like a stereotipycal Australian hunter complete with hat decorated with crocodile theet, all four of them wield a sniper rifle that can deliver a high amount of damage.


Leader of the group, he's a red bear wearing sunglasses. His sniper rifle is much bigger than the standard model. He's the stronger of the four,and the only one who gives you a duisguise.You also can't normally grab him.


Probably the second in command, it's a yellow bear always seen with Bernard.


Dark green bear, he and Bailey are around the Naughty Bear cardboard shapes.


The light blue one, he's Buckley's partner, he too is around the cardboards.

Possible strategyEdit

Those bears are always in an alerted state and can pack a lot of damage with their guns, so the best strategy is probably to attempt to catch one alone with a trap and kill them because they can one-shot KO you if you don't wear high-defensive clothing.

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