Collectible Item StoryEdit

Treasure Chests come up in Episode Nine, when Giggles summons pirate bears leaded by the Great BearBeard to Paradise Island; to both dig under Naughty's hut for gold and treasure, and to eliminate Naughty Bear himself. The Great BearBeard's Treasure Chests are the ninth Optional Mission that Naughty Bear receives, there are ? Treasure Chests in all to destroy.

Colllectible Item Information/DescriptionEdit

The Treasure Chest is a stereotypical pirate's chest. An elaborately carved and shaped vessel with gold over the corners and edges. If on land, the chest will be opened, displaying an insane amount of gold coins and gem stones. Land versions are regular sized. If you find a treasure chest in the water, it is at least two to three times larger than a regular treasure chest. Floating treasure chests are closed shut. When destroyed, this Collectible Item makes a sound. That sound is the sound of golden coins jingling together.

Why do you destroy it?Edit

[This is a theory] The pirates are on Perfection for the gold, so technically if Naughty destroys all the treasure chests the pirates won't have a reason to be on the island anymore and leave without dealing any damage on Naughty's hut.

Image of Collectible ItemEdit

Naughty bear 19

A local resident rushes to protect his treasure!

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