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Blond Mystical Hair, Horn


Slow Peaceful Purring

The Unibear (YU-nee-bear) is a mythical creature on Perfection Island. Naughty Bear discovers one in the Episode 4 cutscene. It can be seen in levels randomly very rarely. It is said in a game tip that making one insane is the Naughtinest thing to ever do. A trophy/achievement can be acquired if you kill or POP! (AKA drive one insane and kill itself with no weapons.) a Unibear, you recieve the Unibear! achievement/trophy. If you do manage to kill one or POP! one, you get big, extra points, and in episode seven he is vaporized by the alien bears. They also appear in DLC episode 10 and the fluff in them gets sucked out by the leader of the vampire bears, vampiricorn.Bears are driven to the point of near insanity if they witness the death of a unibear (one scare will drive them insane) even works on all types of bears.

Strangely, in Episode 10, a Unibear will be seen attacking the Vampire Bears with a Stick or other weapons. The Vampire Bears will kill the unibear easily due to their Claws. the ultra kill or super scare is "Mythical Elimination".

It is unknown where the Unibear comes from.

The game has a way to make you sad about a insane Unibear. As the points say "The poor unibear is insane!".

Only Unibear has the highest speed of all bears and naughty bear likes unibear despite being violent But the unibear is a great way to get lots of coins.


The unibear stands still and purrs while looking up in the air in a majestical way. When provoked the Unibear will run away.

The Unibear eats butterflies and flowers.

Strangely, The Unibear can fix things and attack Zombears and Vampires sometimes and Naughty too.

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