• A tube sock

    Hello people who are reading this I am, a tube sock.

    today I saw the stupidest thing when I was editing one of the weapon pages. Whoever wrote this is a total Idiot:

    "I use for killing bear." Thats the only thing that was on the page, No pic's no any thig else. I'm suprised no one fixed this Idiotic mistace before I did.

    If you AGREE this is a stupid thing to say rate, this 5 stars. If you think its a cinda' stupid thing to say, rate This 3 stars. If you think this is the smartest thing to say (witch it's not), rate this 1 star!


    Naughty Bear will come and kill you if you read the sentance under this warnig.

    Naughty Bear will now come to kill you at 12:31 A.M. when you are asleep.

    The more you scroll down, The more violently he will kil…

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