• I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is Naughty Bear coneseur
  • I am Male
  • T104

    X-Bears Enemies

    April 22, 2013 by T104

    Hey, its me T104. I love Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise, just as everyone does here. One of my favorite factions, although all are my favorite, the X-Bears are my favorite, me loving DC and Marvel. I think there should be a Panic In Paradise level set of the enemies of the X-Bears. If any of you agree with me, please leave a comment or two. Other than that, have a good day.



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  • T104


    December 7, 2012 by T104

    Hello, its me. If anyone could fix the picture under the Paradise Island Chainsaw Massacre set's table, that would be very helpful, especially seems I'm the one who added it. Thanks, hope you can help. :)

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