Vampire BearsEdit

Polaroid Tickler medium

Faction Name


Fur color


Eye color


Signature weapon

Vicious Vampire Claws



First Appearance

Episode 10

Vampires are your foes in DLC Episode 10. They are like the zombears as they target the other Bears. They are brownish pale bears that have sharp fangs, are wrinkly from their faces,white eyes and have stitches on their belly. They are equipped with Vicious Vampire Claws, weapons that look like Freddy Kruegers Knifeglove and they run really fast, making them dangerous enemies. Their leader is The Vampiricorn.

Strangely when they attack Naughty they do not try to suck his fluff.

Also, At the last stage all the bears (except for Giggles) have been turned into Vampires. Keeping their same personality but a bit braver.


Episode 10Edit

A Unibear has stumbled across the Vampires, led by the Vampiricorn. As he listens to music set on by Stardust and Cozy, the Vampircorn grabs the bear and kills him in front of Naughty Bear.As the other Vampires feed on the dead Unibear, the Vampiricorn sees Stardust and Cozy and confronts them. Naughty is about to save the two when he sees Stardust show the Vampiricorn a photo of Naughty and tell the Vampiricorn to kill Naughty instead of them. Angered by this, Naughty sets out to kill Stardust.

The Vampires hold the entire island captive, though none of the bears seem worried by this, probably having been told by Stardust that the Vampires won't hurt them. The Ghouls are summoned to help search for Naughty Bear. Naughty Bear evades them and kills the Vampiricorn twice though he is ressurrected by Stardust. Stardust and the Vampircorn are killed but they rise again, with Stardust turning into a Ghoul. Naughty manages to kill them both and the Vampires and all the Ghouls, ending the threat once and for all.

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

The Vampires appear in Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise. The Vampires are known as the Ticklers. The most common Vampire is Jacques le Tickler, who is said to be just as naughty as Naughty Bear. He makes a living of tickling people with his claws, and is very dangerous. Another bear, the Grhuel, is a plant bear that looks like the Vampires but has red eyes. He also makes vocal noises just like the Vampires, and attacks other bears. Along with Jacques le Tickler and Grhuel, there are other vampires that are only found in the Seaside Greenhouse. Some Bearcatattoo Temples will have some vampire-bears, the most known being Groanalot, carrying the most powerful weapon in the game, the Death Scythe.

Vampires feeding

Vampires feeding over an unfortunate Unibear.

Vampire Bear MembersEdit

all vampire names are from the first game jot panic in paradise


Vampire Tartiflette

Vampire Nosbearatu

Vampire Bearcula

Vampire Sauvignon

Vampire Merlot

Vampire Cassoulet

Vampire Socca

Vampire Goober

Vampire Twinkles

Vampire Bubble

  • Jacques le Tickler
  • Groanalot

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