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Eye color


Notable features

Dracula-shaped hair

Vampiricorn relationsEdit

Vampiricorn seem to be the leader of the horde of vampires who seem to hide in Perfection's underworld. The pentacle with the golden cupcake seems to be the mark of the leader along with the Victorian Wig. Interestingly, even the members of the Slab Chiselers wear such a pendant, maybe hinting a possible relation.

Happarently, only necromancers like Stardust can summon the satanically evil Vampiricorn and part of the task seems to involve a pentacle drawn on the ground with blood. But knowing the spirit of the game, it might be red paint or maybe some juice.

Personality & TraitsEdit

The Vampiricorn is a living force of evil, and can move extremely fast. Despsite his scary appearance, he seems to act like a nobleman, much like Dracula, and he got a weird love for barbeque, to the point that when he'll see a sabotaged one he will rush to fix it if another vampire (Tarfifette) won't do it first.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

The Vampiricorn comes equipped with the Vicious Vampire Claws, a Cupcake Pentagram Medallion, and has hair shaped to Count Dracula's.

Screenshots & PicturesEdit


In cut scenes it is seen that right before Stardust and Giggles arrive, a Unibear is seen running around and frolicking. Just before he notices anything, the Vampiricorn sneaks up behind him, grabs him and sucks his fluff as the other Vampire Bears join in after he kills it. After his meal he saw Stardust and the other bear, and just before he sucks stardust's fluff, stardust confronts him and holds up a picture of Naughty. In the conversation apparently in exchange for not killing them, he can kill Naughty instead. He then walks forward and releases Bats on the Island in search for Naughty.

Vampiricorn sneaking up on a unibear


Like it's been already said, the Vampiricorn is clearly based on Dracula. Precisely, he's based on the version in the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula, mostly on his look he got in the first part of the movie, with his long hair died up in two large knots and a long braid. (Which Naughty tries to copy with two soccer balls taped on his head.)

Dracula Old

The Dracula which Vampiricon is based on. Notice the creepy resemblance!

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