Zombear Freddy
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Zombear Freddy


Zombear Freddy

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Zombear Freddy SummaryEdit

Zombear Freddy is one of the first three Zombears seen in Episode 4. He is unleashed by Nibbles and wreaks havoc at Naughty's hut. Naughty Bear must defeat him and two other Zombears in the area.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Zombear Freddy will wander around Naughty's hut before becoming suspicious and curiously enters Naughty's hut, with the other Zombears doing the same. If this happens, Naughty is in danger as he is in a tight spot and three Zombears are after him. He must leave the hut before the zombears enter.


Episode 4Edit

Nibbles is teaching Daddles, Goober, and Pudding a cooking lesson at the Cabin but picks the Dead Book and reads it, unknowingly summoning the Zombears upon the island. Zombear Freddy rises at Naughty's hut, along with Zombear Chris and Zombear Charlie. Naughty sees them and decides to do something about it. He fights Zombear Freddy and kills him and all the other Zombears in the hut and on the entire island.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Zombear Freddy looks exactly like the other Zombears. He has dark green fur, wounds all over his body due to wounds he got when alive, and glass eyes with red pupils. He is armed with a Bone like most Zombears.

Video & ImagesEdit

Any video and images of the bear, go here.

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

The Zombears appear in DJ Fuzz and OodoO hit levels, with some being bears form bubbles hit level full with names and clothing.

Some Zombears can be found in Bearcatatoo Temples most notably G'eq'g'ilek a giant zombear weilding the beaver.

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