Zombear Gustav
Zombear caught in a trap
Zombear Gustav


Zombear Gustav

Fur color


Eye color


Notable features

One of the few zombears to have a stick

Zombear Gustav SummaryEdit

Zombear Gustav is a part of the Zombears army with a stick for a weapon. He is one of the few zombears to have a stick for a weapon, so he might be a more important zombear. The name "Gustav" is a refrence to Ashley Pannell's (The Narrator) twitter and Naughty Bear Leaderboards name. His twitter name: Gustavious007


Naughty BearEdit

Episode FourEdit

Nibbles read aloud from the Dead Book, summoning an army of the Un-Ted. Following his leader Oodoo, Gustav and the zombears bring chaos and havoc. Gustav wields a Stick, and can be found with Oodoo at the Cabin. He can be found fighting with Colonel Ketchup and his Army Bears.

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